De Avondmarkt now suddenly sells every imaginable variety of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I like imagining that it's their carefully-considered response to Dirk and AH both suddenly being open on Sunday now. Take that, you corporate bastards!!!


I made this tempeh again, marinating it last night and cooking it up for breakfast. I can't tell if it's actually really good or if I've just gotten really attached to the taste of tempeh. Because of the marinade, you can't really cook it to proper Tempeh Brownness (and thus proper Tempeh Crispness neither); in fact, this time I even left the maple syrup out of the marinade (intending to glaze with it at the end) and the soy sauce still burned a little.

But...I could still see eating this quite often. Mara hates the un-crisp texture, so I'm guessing this is not an appropriate recipe for the as-yet-unconverted.



Klary Koopmans said...

oh no. Thanks for the tip??? Reese´s here I come..

dutchgrub said...

Too funny!

I actually discovered the 'open on Sunday' sign outside my local Dirk yesterday and happily did all my grocery shopping today - on Sunday!

Will check my avondwinkel and turkish store on the corner for previously unavailable candy tomorrow!

MEM said...

I agree, the Reese's are a mixed blessing.

As is the Dirk being open on Sunday...this will only be OK if de Avondmarkt survives. Admittedly, they're open different hours (Dirk 10-6, Avondmarkt 2:30-midnight), but...I'm concerned.