snowballs or thumbprints.

Hey guys. Did you know that this post is my 801st on this blog? Far out.

People actually used to say that, "Far out".

I keep forgetting to read Joan Didion's The Year of Magical Thinking. A while back I had decided I probably couldn't handle it, but then I just read an Elisabeth Kübler-Ross book for this new project we're working on, and I survived that, ha, "survived", and so, I figure I'll probably be OK with Joan. So I got to get a copy, yo.


In other news, we are entering a period of healthfulness after several months of gradually doing everything wrong again. Wish us/me luck.

Tonight, we will be working on some last comfort-y moments. I'm thinking I'll try this again, and Mara is working on some kind of egg roll.

More later.

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