watch your breath.

Oversaturate much motherfucker?


Fish tacos are not like regular tacos. For one thing, their name sounds like a euphemism. For another, they are way easier to fuck up than most other tacos. Fortunately for us, we did no such thing this evening. This is mostly thanks to the lovely and talented Mara.

Instructions: Take a way-huger-than-necessary flour tortilla (because that's all we could find on a Sunday), put it on a griddle so it gets some dark spots on it. Put a layer of crisp and crunchy red cabbage slaw down (made with lime juice, mayonnaise and onions). Do NOT EVER use any kind of lettuce or wiltable green instead of cabbage, or you will be sorry.

Add your seasoned and broiled fish (we used cod spiced with chili powder, thyme, oregano, garlic powder, and cumin). Top with some pico de gallo. Add a slather of guacamole. Add a drizzle of chipotle mayonnaise. Finally, add a sprinkle of cilantro, and close the damn thing up. Eat carefully: it drips.



dutchgrub said...

Nice! I love fish tacos, too! It's such a great combination of textures and flavors - the fish, tortilla, crunchy red cabbage, cilantro.

I like to make them with catfish - quite classic by now I guess.

Where in Amsterdam do you get tortillas?

MEM said...

hey dutchgrub....

I too am a big fan of the catfish, but somehow Mara's relationship with it has gone south, so we try to find an inexpensive mild white (frozen) fish we can agree on. I don't really like tilapia or victoriabaars, so...Pacific cod is the choice of late.

Regarding tortillas, yeah these are just crappy Albert Heijn wraps. But for flour tortillas I don't think there's anywhere to get anything much better than that though. The Casa Fiesta stuff that you can get at Dirk and elsewhere is about the same.

For corn tortillas, Tjin's down off Albert Cuyp is the only place I know that has them.