imagine a blueberry, revisited.

Last night a gaggle of us went over to Casa Mega5ubtle for dinner, and those bitches plumb outdid themselves. I mean, yes we've known for a while now that JFK has seriously mastered Marcella's onion frittata (below, top), so its calm and simple awesomeness was seriously unshocking.

What was mildly shocking was a sinkful of clams (above), which is an excellent idea that I never have, I guess cause our fish guy never has them or keeps them out of sight. These lucky little dudes spent some time with some rosemary, garlic, tomatoes, and beer, and then we non-mollusks celebrated their recent good fortune by biting them right on their clammy little heads.

One of my favorite things somehow managed to elude my camera, I think I was just very excited to relocate it from my plate to my mouth: Marcella's eggplant cakes (maybe that's not the name, but I think this is the recipe). It could also be that they're not the most photogenic bastards on earth, but whatever...that's a dang good eggplant recipe.

And then, my other favorite thing. I'm not the biggest dessert-eater on the planet. You may have noticed. I mean, I'm big, but......hahhahhahaa. But seriously, folks. There are people who look forward to dessert, and I am not one of them.

This can possibly be traced back to a recent lack of American-style pie. Last night was the most satisfying dessert I've had in a long time, my humble apologies to anyone else who's made dessert for me recently.

I really wish I had a decent picture of a cut piece (KK now has one, thanks!), but what you're looking at is blueberry pie with a supersubtle orange zest and lavender crust (based on this Dorie Greenspan recipe that we've all been eyeing for some time). One piece was not enough, but that's where I stopped due to space limitations. I hope to have another crack at this baby tomorrow. Yes, I'm kind of having an Agent Cooper moment.


All this thinking about pie has reminded me that Klary should try some shoo-fly pie when she hits PA in a couple months.

And here's the Dorie Greenspan thread on eGullet where Miss Dorie herself pops up from time to time to answer questions.



Klary Koopmans said...

picture of a cut piece coming up soon..

MEM said...

Thanks...I've got a video of your Barbra Streisand moment by the way...I wonder what it would cost for me to keep that to myself....

Klary Koopmans said...

name your price.. I'm willing to pay or do ANYTHING.....