wankie? yanked.

I think that this last little while here can be called the longest unscheduled VDuck outage in history. Several intriguing forces combined in a sort of Perfect Storm of blogging demotivation, and I was cast as the Andrea Gail. But, you know, in a significantly less deadly or even dramatic way.

So, yes: the theatre/er experience speedboat left me spinning in its wake, and it took some time to get used to the placid pace of "normal life" again. Still not there yet: this little duckling's eye continues to scan the horizon for a glimpse of the receding speedboat speck as it continues to speed on its merry speeding way, speedily...

I obviously haven't written in some time, bear with me.


The summery glimpse we opened with is the kind of weather that I was talking about in my last post: a perfectly sunny, breezy 70F that made you want to be outside all day. Sadly, those days are gone, which makes total sense because well, now I have a few weeks off.


Above: Pacific Parc. I actually had a nice time there a week or so ago...the service problems that made it such a drag before seem to have been totally cleared up.

EDIT: totally not true. Went back with Klary and Dennis and experienced the good ol' comedy of errors that is their trademark. And Klary had the worst-looking tosti I've ever seen.

And below: This is the view from our window onto the street where a departing Sweet Mooperbird heads off to Omerica for a month. That's the bad news. The good news is: she is going to send us some pictures.

More in a bit.


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