shadow dancin'.

Exhausted after yesterday's longness (?) and, well, yes...hardness: I injured my back with my 100-pound backpack, imagine that. Show was great fun to play and was enthusiastically received despite its rather shocking volume level...at one of the more intense moments in the set, Jaap the festival organizer was dancing with such velocity and sheer originality that it resists easy description....the best impression I can give you is one of an extremely excited squirrel combined with an Olympic speed skater. But much more energetic, and 52 years old. And looking like Rasputin.

Along with seeing some films, one of the nice things about this gig is that the vegan meals are well-prepared and we eat free. No pictures, but the menu was mushroom soup, a chickpea and pumpkin curry with tabbouleh and tzatziki (which initially struck me as lazy fusion, but it's actually quite a bit like the idea of an Indian curry over pilaf with raita and mint chutney, isn't it (sorry, spent too much time with the Brits lately), and soy milk vla (Dutch pudding-y substance), which I skipped, but the first two dishes were very enjoyable.

Oh, I forgot: the sound man was so unpleasant it was as if he knew what I was expecting and was just fucking with me to be funny. But he wasn't. We did the sound ourselves. Maybe I'll add an actual conversation next post.

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