send lawyers, guns and money.

All doped up on (doctor-prescribed and appropriately self-administered) Temazepam this morning, and yet still awake, my thoughts eventually turned to food, as they usually can be counted on to do in times of psychic contortion.

In an effort to eat with a modicum of healthfulness, and to include my somehow-still-increasing (.....mmm, let's not say obsession, per se...let's call it:) interest in Surinamese food, I came up with this sandwich:


broodje temazepam.

1 zuur haring filet (pickled herring) , patted dry

1 gezouten birambie, sliced lengthwise (a salted, pickled cultivar of the carambola fruit)
2 slices brown bread, toasted
1 scant tablespoon mayonnaise

Assemble, and eat over the sink because it's juicy.


OK, now what are the chances that a rather obscure tropical fruit that I happened to have in my refrigerator would have actual known drug interactions with the benzodiazepine that I am currently taking? Anyone? If the title of an abstract called "Inhibition of human cytochrome P450 by star fruit juice" revs your engine, you can read about it here.

Suffice to say, no more pickled birambie for this unfortunate fucker. But it was nice while it lasted. And I think there are other Surinamese pickles that would be just as lovely...you know, made with other, less-fucking-deadly tropical fruits.


august haiku.

couldn't we just talk
to each other in the dark
forever, maybe?


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