tequila snipers, okonomiyaki, etc.

This was my first Queen's Day where I was actually selling something instead of walking around all day buying things I didn't need, and you know what? It felt wicked smart.

This was also the most decadent Queen's Day in some time, which feels considerably less smart after the fact. We actually partied like it was 1999, or earlier: 7am shooters and seriously skinned knees; 9am space cookies; 10am red wine; 12noon okonomiyaki and beer; 1pm long-distance tequila shots administered via water rifle (BTW, the body-art advert was my idea, a completely, um..."site-specific" concept, IOW, that's a great back provided by Keren); 2pm many tiny beers; 3pm excellent broodje warme beenham (sauteed ham with mustard and mayo, no photos, I was too hungry); 4pm twice as many tiny beers; rinse and repeat.

I have to say that we're incredibly fortunate that Sniper Mike was not terribly accurate with the tequila rifle (excepting the photo below, that was a good shot): most of it went in your eye instead of your mouth. I was happy to have (literally) limped home by 9pm and picked up some takeout from Top Thai which was even fresher-seeming than their normally pretty decent standards.

Best of all, I was given a plastic horsehead puppet early in the morning. Second best of all: the surprising number of outlandishly outfitted women who would stop to admire the free jazz stylings of a trombone/melodica/bicycle horn/dumbek quartet.

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