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Well, it's been 6 months and I think I'm ready to try it again. Yep, I'm finally going to finish that ijskruid post.

Not really. I am going to start posting regularly here. I stopped for a lot of reasons, and just lately I've been writing about food again, but with lots of detail about boring things like nutrition and calories, as I am officially...on a diet. As in keeping track of what I eat.

And...I'm amazed. I always thought I had a pretty good idea of how many calories I was consuming and how well I was eating, but now that I'm being hardcore about it, I realize that I was snacking a whole bunch. Like constantly, hoor (that's Dutch for, among other things, "y'know"). Not on truly evil foods, but you know, calories are calories. And, I'm a terrible, terrible night eater. Incorrigible. Well, hopefully not. But Mara's parents call me Ratboy, as in, "looks like we've got rats or something, honey...all the leftovers are gone."

So...I'm not going to thrill you with my calorie counts here. In fact, I'm not going to thrill you with anything just yet...I was just looking at my food journal and I have just been eating like a complete moron. It's because Mara is away in Scotland for two months...so I have no one to cook for, so I'm not cooking. I'm opening cans and poking shrink wrap. Again, pretty healthy food (smoked salmon, mackerel, the usual fishy suspects; avocado; nuts; bulgur; spinach; tofu; sauerkraut juice [seriously...i'll explain], and veggie burgers pretty much sums it up), but jeez, dude...artless.


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Catesa said...

i think its great!! am always looking for fellow bloggers interested in nutrition, best of luck to you :)