tuesday morning.

Above: rain. Below: rain. Below that: "Oh hey, you have to have to taste the garbanzos at this place, they're the best, the ones with spinach and cumin....mmmmm", etc.

Below that: a very intense goat cheese on a disc of eggplant with possibly membrillo on top and balsamico drizzle, and one of Las Caballerias' two chickpea dishes, this is callos con garbanzos, the one full of tripe and kidneys and liver and who knows what else. Nelson even tasted it, and really wished she hadn't. Not pictured, acelgas con garbanzos, the one we were supposed to taste with spinach and cumin.

Below that: pure Nelson nostalgia at Pizzeria Michelangelo, where she's been more times than she can count, and everyone knows her as "La Holandesa". She said absolutely nothing has changed there in 15 years, and yes, I believe it. The waiter/owner knew her order before she did: pizza margherita with capers. It was a really good little pizza (€5.50).

Below that: a Seville orange I plucked from a tree, because they're everywhere and you wonder why no one is eating them. I tasted this gingerly as if it was going to shrivel my tongue off, but it just tasted like an orange.

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