pink flamingo.

I would link to their website but they've committed the unpardonable sin of autoplay music, against which I have to lodge a small protest. "They" are Pink Flamingo, a French non-traditional pizza chain that's just opened up shop in Amsterdam. I went with KK last night and we ended up with the Almodovar (foreground, kind of a riff on paella, with chorizo, shrimp, chicken, crème fraîche and saffron) and the Poulidor (background; duck, green apple, goat cheese).

We knew that they were going to be unusual, but the first bites were more confusing than anything. Not bad at all, but there was some kind of distracting tension between the crust and the toppings, like they weren't supporting each other's goals. And then five minutes' worth of eating later, everything made more sense and we were happily crunching our way towards clean plates. Don't know what it was, a mismatch of expectations and experience, or whatever, but by the time we were leaving we agreed we'd pretty happily go back for another round sometime, I think I'd go even "weirder" next time.


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