talk it out.

Well hi "everyone". I was just thinking about therapy. Not about getting some, I'm already doing that. And getting a lot out of it, I think for the first time ever. What I'm saying is that I highly recommend my brain man.

But anyway my not totally interesting point is: seeing a good therapist in action is kind of like a masterclass in conversation. I mean i like to think i'm a decent talker and a sympathetic ear/shoulder, so it's revealing to watch a true professional at work.

And I say watch b/c some of the best moments are watching him plan his next question. He has one look that happens before he's figured out what to say, and then another one for when he is fishing around to see if he knows what he's talking about, and a third one for when he is about to get you to say something incriminating about that you really should have seen coming. In fact we've developed a slight pause for when he's asked me something for which he already knows the answer and for which i am not knowing the answer until it is coming out of my mouth. The whole thing is quite educational.

So in case you're wondering, my issues revolve around certain mortality, miscalibrated ego, imagined responsibility, and a lifelong dedication to a love. How unique of me.


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