Been reading a good bit of what's been written in the wake of PSH's presumably unexpected departure, and while much of it has been either not-so-enlightening wonderings from the non-addict's necessarily outsider, sometimes romanticsometimes angry perspective ("Why did he do it?" "He had so much to give"), even from writers I enjoy, and some of it has been of the self-congratulatory and generally unhelpful "that could've been me, yo" POV (Slate again, The Guardian), there have been a couple of smart or at least genuinely inquisitive things written, which I will ideally gradually collect here so that I don't spend the rest of the day/week continuing to read them atm...there's accounting-related data entry to be done. And if there's any bright side of the PSH situation, at least neither he nor we had to bear this.

I thought this was a slightly better approach to the question about the ridiculousness of artistic responsibility: Does It Help To Get Angry With Someone With Addiction? (NPR)



Klary said...

would be very interested in reading those smart and inquisitive things.

MEM said...

yesssh, will do i hope.