return to me.

Mmmmraaaagh (yawns, stretches). Oh (tjap tjap)....hi everybody. What year is it? Goodness, that was some dream I had. I dreamt that I was asleep for four months (yawns, rubs eyes). And I was really hungry the whole time. What's that you say? No dream, you say? Hmm.

Yes, so. Day 2 of mini-mirtazapine is continuing where Day 1 left off. Day 1 was basically like someone replaced my blood with Red Bull. I'm down to 7.5mg now, and if it stays like this, this being: feeling like "myself", minus most crippling neuroses, plus bags of macho brain power and enough energy to consider cleaning things UNBIDDEN...well there's no way this can last. But since I have also been sleeping 6 hours a night, we'll keep it like this for a bit and take one o' them "wait and see" approaches.

Lunch, if i feel like it: un petit portion du cornmeal catfish + a slice of smoked gouda (to emulate actually-smoked catfish) + Homesick Texan's carrot-habanero salsa, lots of it. Still thinking about food, yes, but not in the same zombie "must eat brains" way that I was.


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