get me an ape suit, 4 bananas, and a hot towel.

Tundra is one of the most consistently funny Mighty Boosh episodes I've seen yet...

Viola D's transcripts are a hoot to read as well (that's where I got the one from an earlier post).


In other news, I've finally upgraded this site to the newish Blogger templates and now a whole pile of stuff is amiss: the text formatting now looks even more random than usual, and and I've lost all of my sidebar links. For starters. And my cell phone is missing. I shouldn'ta done it.


I’m a crazy man. I’m a nutjob. I’m a freakball. You know? I break through all boundaries. If I see a boundary, I eat a boundary. And wash it down with a cup of hot steaming rules. Eh?

-Howard Moon

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