doctor malanga.

As usual, better pictures of this evening elsewhere: Abra managed to make my sausage look edible (please hold your applause) and Klary makes my hands look a bit sinister. There's a craigslist personal in there somewhere, I'm sure of it.


"Your Internet friends." This is the semi-derogatory term that my "non-Internet friends" use to refer to people with whom I have become acquainted via the Internet. Maybe derogatory's not the right word. They just can't relate.

It is a bit of a weird thing, communicating solely through text and pictures, not having any idea what someone's voice sounds like, high, low, accented, not, loud, quiet, I think you get what I'm saying. But once you hear the voices in question traveling across the space of a room and landing in your actual ear, I don't think the Internet side of your interaction is ever the same again...you're just "friends", right? That you "found" via the Internet, and might not have otherwise.

Why so serious, VDuck? Above: pom and Klary's hand. Below: poffertjes and Klary's hand. The pom was good, an 82% successful effort. It reminded me of the second pom I ever tried, after tasting the Tokoman's first. Good, but yes...not as good as The Tokoman's, and thus slightly disappointing.

Unfortunately I can't quite pinpoint what would've improved things. The texture was a wee bit dry and gummy, and I don't know if this was because of our higher than specified cooking temperature (necessary because after the pom was assembled and ready to go in the oven, we all took a couple of snapshots of it and then promptly forgot to put it in the oven. Oh, you bloggers! And who says taking pictures of food is more important than eating it???), or due to an underbuttering.

The latter seems unlikely, but really...this isn't like analyzing a ravioli or brisket recipe, where you're familiar with the source components: malanga is a foreign substance with bizarre physical properties, and I've cooked with it a mere five times now, which doesn't quite earn me the title of Doctor Malanga. But that's a really good title to shoot for. Guess we'll just have to make some more pom again soon....


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Valisa said...

I think more condescending when they call your *offline* friend Real life as if the ones you meet online are not really alive :P

It looks like quite a party!!!