what to watch on netflix this month.

I have shingles. And yesterday, it sucked dramatically. I was diagnosed a week ago, well 9 days ago, and really, up until the past two days it hasn't been bad at all, you know you hear horror stories.

For Googlers I'll explain the onset: Day 1 I woke up with what I thought was a burn on my chest. I thought I'd slept on my phone and it got too hot and burned me. It hurt much in the way a burn does, consistent and never letting you forget about it, but also kind of not like a burn, more achey and swollen. Anyway, I said well if it's not any better tomorrow I'll call the doctor.

In fact it was worse tomorrow, Day 2. It just hurt more, and a weird, alien hurting I'd never felt before. Somehow still burn-like but also like a skinned knee or other relatively large but shallow wound. Confusing.

My doctor was very busy with flu season so we sent her some pictures of my stuff and she said yeah I'm 99% sure that's shingles. Call me if you don't feel better in a week. I hope I don't have to kill her for this part.

Anyway, Days 3-7 were OK, every afternoon I got really tired, and generally felt like I had a mild flu, plus a healing shotgun wound in my chest. Doable. Two days ago I felt like I was being kicked solidly in the balls in slow motion. One of the unique things about being kicked solidly in the balls is that it feels like several different things are immediately wrong with you at the same time: 1) your balls hurt 2) you are sick to your stomach 3) you lower back hurts 4) your eyes/head throb(s). It's another confusing pain.

One unconfusing thing about it though is that you do not want to move. You want to curl up into a, ahem, ball until it passes. This bullshit I had yesterday did not pass. I took ibuprofen, paracetamol, used a hot water bottle, an ice pack, nothing helped. Today, Day 10, I woke up and felt 40% better. Is it all the ibuprofen I took yesterday? Who knows. We will persevere. And go see the doctor this afternoon.


Oh. What to watch on Netflix. I'm really enjoying Mind Of A Chef season 4 with Gabrielle Hamilton. I've admired her writing for a long time but somehow, and I don't know how, I have her filed away in my mind as kind of a, kind of a, well, uh, kind of a bitch. Somehow. But I'm happy to report that she seems pretty likable on camera, I think maybe the thing that never came across on the page was her dorkiness and tendency towards what seems like an honest self-deprecation/humility.

And she's the first chef chef I've ever seen "cook like me". I first noticed it when I saw her doing "my" lemon-juicing technique of using your cupped hand as the seed-catcher. In general she does things I always thought were questionable taste-wise (fish bone fritters? is that normal?) and sanitation/health wise (re-use the same broth for 4 different things, rescue the non-brown parts of green vegetables). Just almost everything she cooks sounds like something I would do, and I don't see that very often on TV. I really liked the episode called Garbage, but am watching the whole thing now in the fetal position and am "enjoying" it as much as I can enjoy anything. The Rome episode is pretty good too if you can tolerate Americans speaking rough Italian, which I'm a bit scarred by, but she does better than most.

God, and watching some of the Mind Of A Chef thing, a good show about cooking and food, and then watching absolute fucking fake-ass contrived dreck like Ainsley Eats The Streets or Somebody Feed Phil kind of really makes you appreciate Anthony Bourdain a bit more than you have been doing.


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